The Crochet Academy - Corner to Corner (C2C) ONLINE Workshop, Wednesday 17th March 7-9pm

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Here at Moho HQ we LOVE crochet! If something stays still long enough, it will inevitably be decorated with some form of crocheted item! We’ve been teaching crochet workshops for over 12 years and now we do it online!!!!

The Crochet Academy series of workshop has been carefully designed for those who have grasped the basic stitches (but might need a little reminder) and are ready to move on and have a go at more advanced stitches and techniques. In this session we will be learning how to do the corner to corner (c2c) stitch and how to follow graph patterns. We might even look at including bobbles too for a bit of texture!!!

Included in the price you get a 2-hour zoom workshop with no more than 10 participants, detailed instructions and patterns emailed to you and a recording of the workshop to keep and refer to over and over again AND you can do it all from the comfort of your own home! 

For the workshop you will need yarn of the same weight in at least 3 different colours and an appropriate sized hook. We will be working with 3 colours of Sirdar's Happy Cotton and a 3.5mm hook. If you would like to add a kit of the same yarn as we will be using (6 balls of happy cotton in 3 different colours) plus a printed version of the instructions and patterns, choose the 'Workshop plus kit' option from the drop down menu. Postage is included in the price. If you need a hook too, click here.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who can at least do a chain and treble crochet or even those who would like a refresher course on any of the things we will be covering. It’s not even a problem if you’re left-handed as we are ambidextrous so can switch between hands as needed.

Once you book the workshop you will emailed all details for the zoom session and your kit will be posted if you have ordered one. If you have never used Zoom before, don't be nervous. It's really simple and we can arrange a quick tutorial so you can have a practice before the big day!


Please note bookings which include kits will close 5 days prior to the event to ensure there is enough time to get kits posted out. Workshop only bookings will remain open until 24 hours before the start of the session to ensure enough time to send out the zoom links.

If you’ve got any queries or concerns, just drop us a line and we’ll sort you right out!