Kids' Crafty Pick 'n' Mix Box

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Our Kids' Crafty Pick 'n' Mix Box is perfect for those times when the kids fancy getting their craft on but you can't bring yourself to just let them loose with the glitter and glue!

Inside the box you will discover 3 individually packaged craft activities suitable for age 5+. Each activity includes a detailed instruction sheet and a link to a video tutorial where we show you exactly how to make your creation. You might also discover a little sweet treat if you look hard enough! 

These also make great gifts as every crafty pick 'n' mix box is individually decorated and can be sent directly to the recipient (saving you and the postie a job!). We can even include a little gift card and message so they know who it is from! 

Whether you are looking for some fun activities to while away the weekends or something creative to jazz up homeschooling,  this box is perfect!

Price includes 1st class postage. This kit is designed for age 5+ and should be kept away from children under 3 years of age as it contains small parts and a safety needle. 

Get the grown-up (age 12+) version, Crafty Tapas here!