Heart Wooden Basket Base

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This wooden basket base is designed to speed up your crochet and cut out that awkward first stage of creating the flat base. They will also produce a perfect heart shape! We love them as they mean that you can dive straight in to crocheting the bit you actually see! And you are guaranteed that your baskets will sit flat!

The base is made from unvarnished, 3mm birch ply from a sustainable source. The holes in the base are 8mm in diameter and we recommend you use a 5mm hook to attach the first round and then move up to the size recommended for your chosen yarn. The base measures approx 18x16cm. 

You could make your baskets out of loads of different yarn and cord: t-shirt yarn, macrame cord, super chunky yarns, several thinner strands worked together or even our super squishy Cotton Tube Yarn.

Don't forget to send us pics of you creations as we love to see how you have used our bits and bobs out in the real world to make your bespoke creations!

Each basket base is handmade to order so please allow 3-5 days for dispatch. 

This listing is for a single base only. The full heart basket kit can be purchased here.