Heart Basket Crochet Kit

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We love crochet! We love baskets! We love crocheted baskets! So, without question we love heart shaped crochet baskets to show how much we love crochet and baskets and crocheted baskets!!!!!!!

Inside this kit you will find 1 basket base measuring approx 18x16cm, 1/2 a cone of pink t-shirt yarn (350-450g so enough to make at least 3 baskets) and detailed instructions with links to YouTube tutorials guiding you through every step of the project. And postage is included in the price!

You will also need 5mm and 9mm round headed crochet hooks which you can add to your basket by clicking here. You can buy additional basket bases without all the rest of the kit here.

The wooden basket base is designed to speed up your crochet and cut out that awkward first stage of creating the flat base whilst also giving you the perfect heart shape. We love them as they mean that you can dive straight in to crocheting the bit you actually see! And you are guaranteed that your baskets will sit flat.

Each kit is handmade to order so please allow 3-5 days for dispatch. Kits are posted out using Royal Mail 2nd class post so should arrive within 2-4 days after dispatch.