Fabulous Festive Wreaths Colour Selection

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If you are booked on to one of our fabulous festive wreaths workshops, please select your colours below and add to your basket. You will need to check out fully but you will not be charged anything. If you do not complete this stage we cannot guarantee that we will have the colours you would like. 

YOU MUST SELECT 9 UNITS IN TOTAL as the wreath takes 9m of mesh.

These wreaths look best when made in 2 or 3 contrasting or coordinating colours.

If you choose 2 colours you will need to add 5 units of one colour and 4 units of another colour. 

If you choose 3 colours you will need to add 3 units of each colour.

If you only want 1 colour, add 9 units of that colour. 

There will be extra bits of other colours at the workshop to add in as highlights.

Just give us a shout if you need any further info.